My portfolio

Code portfolio

Wright House Website CMS
Custom-built content management system for managing university residential hall website.
php and MySQL backend; xhtml and css frontend.
Arbitrary Grapher
A simple python/tk application for creating arbitrary regressions and labels.
Incomplete and buggy but functional. Invoke a python interpreter on the file.
World Computer Exchange
Implemented a Drupal + MySQL content-managed website for the non-profit organization.

Projects portfolio

Open source computer lab
Implemented a Ubuntu-powered computer lab for the Kenyan National Youth Service Technical College
Utilized the latest in disk imaging and OS virtualization for easy lab maitenance and support.
WCE eCorps Trips
Instruct teachers and technology support staff at educational institutes in computer maitenance and support technique.
Engage with local technology enthusiasts in best practices for building localized technology-oriented communities.
Rural Internet Kiosk
A three-concurrent-user computer kiosk. Solar-powered; satellite-internet-connected.
Provided troubleshooting support as well as technical advice on hardware design and maitenance.
Crafted software installation preferences to provide well-rounded software suite for both productivty and educational purposes.
Peace Corps Volunteer information sharing system
Implemented an information sharing system based on Google Groups and Google Docs products.
Designed to improve Peace Corps Kenya volunteer contact; resource creation and information sharing.
Independently implemented but officially utilized to replace older information sharing system.

Academic portfolio

Basic Control for Four Rotor Autonomous Aerial Agent
Jonathan Mclean, Dr. Gary Parker, and Newell Seal
Proceedings of the 2008 World Automation Congress 12th International Symposium on Robotics and Applications (ISORA 2008)
September 2008, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA.